Meet the Artist

Natasha Wescoat painting Dragon Kin I 2013“Mirth, magic and carefree, childlike optimism bubble from the enchanted art of Natasha Wescoat.” –

Art is the heritage of Michigan native, Natasha Wescoat, who comes from a family of artists. Her work is an enigmatic mix of colors and moving worlds filled with fantasy characters and dreamy landscapes have surely been inspired by her childhood spent playing music and playing in the countryside. Known widely for her iconic Jeweled Trees™ which hang in private and corporate collections worldwide and have rocked Hollywood and classrooms alike, Natasha has retained this sense of whimsy and brightness in all of her work, giving her the name, “Queen of Color”. 

Her early work was rich with whimsical landscapes and swirling trees has evolved into pop surrealist environments filled with bright eyed pixies and fantasy characters. It’s obvious as well in her illustration work, that her style is prominent throughout.

Natasha has exhibited nationally in galleries, art fairs, online and in special events. She specializes in Acrylic paints, but also works in digital media, illustrating both by vector and in digital painting for her various projects in video games and children’s book illustration. Her work has appeared in several publications including Professional Artist Magazine, Artists & Graphic Designers Market, and the New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Crush It” written by Wine entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

Natasha cites influences by Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh and Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. Natasha’s work is a mix of Fantasy, Surrealism and Pop art, which creates a unique and colorful, happy style that speaks to all ages.